10 Bad habits that are pulling you to weight lose

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Eating less and exercising more does not guarantee a successful weight loss. It turns out that some small habits in life, such as hating to take the stairs, taking transportation, just sitting and not standing, not drinking water, skipping breakfast, and eating small and high-calorie foods, are invisibly offsetting for weight loss. Effort.

I have followed the dietary principles and exercised regularly. Still can’t lose weight?

Do you know? Standing on the phone can burn calories; drinking 500cc of water before meals can lose weight. On the contrary, if you sleep less than 6 hours a day, the obesity rate increases by 20%; the obesity rate of skipping breakfast increases to 34%; a small dumpling has nearly 100 calories.

We don’t know how much they affect weight loss.. Losing weight is behavioral development. Get rid of these 10 bad habits and give yourself a more efficient way to lose weight.

Losing weight is behavioral development. Get rid of these 10 bad habits and give yourself a more efficient way to lose weight.

1. Lose weight and dare not tell the world

Are losing weight and dare not tell others? This is difficult to succeed.
The first step in weight loss is to convince yourself, and then you must tell your close family, colleagues and friends. This seemingly indifferent behavior, Xiao Dunren, vice chairman of the Obesity Research Society of the Republic of China, believes that the most important thing is, “It is easy to fail if you get bored and play by yourself (weight loss).

He said that weight loss requires the cooperation of the environment and is something that needs support. People who will support you will usually urge you. In addition, inform friends that they are performing weight loss and will not be fed all the time, so that they will not be misunderstood when they want to reject the dinner invitation.

2. Don’t eat breakfast, thinking you can lose weight

“Eat one less meal a day, should you lose weight?” What a big misunderstanding. People who do not have the habit of eating breakfast are 34% more likely to be obese than eating breakfast regularly. Eat breakfast regularly and lose weight.

Xiao Dunren compares people to machines. After a night of sleep, restarting of course requires fuel to operate, otherwise the operating efficiency will be poor. In other words, if you wake up in the morning and don’t eat anything, your metabolism will be poor all day long. Your body will think that today is a “starvation day” and will reduce your metabolism. As a result, eating too much Chinese food will not only hurt your stomach, but also get fat. Remember, you must eat breakfast to lose weight.

3. Sleep less than 6 hours a day

People who sleep less than 6 hours a day have a 20% increase in obesity due to disrupting hormonal balance. Xiao Dunren pointed out that lack of sleep will increase the adrenaline that accelerates fat accumulation and the ghrelin that stimulates appetite, while the serotonin and leptin that suppress appetite will decrease. The effect of the two factors is to make people eat more. The more, especially the craving for junk food.

Can’t sleep enough during the week, can I use the weekend to make up for sleep?
The answer is no. Xiao Dunren said that sleep should be adequate and regular. Force yourself to go to bed and lie down at the same time. Don’t let the weight loss plan ruin the quality of sleep.

4. Don’t like drinking water

Water is the most important solvent for the body, which can promote metabolism and maintain skin.
The Virginia Institute of Technology research found that drinking 500cc of water half an hour before three meals a day can lose 2 kilograms after 3 months.

Xiao Dunren added that the feeling of satiety is related to the volume and weight of food. Drink a glass of water before meals. The feeling of fullness is strong. Naturally, it is not easy to eat too much. On average, one meal can save 20-30 calories. “He provides drinking formula-53535 (Taiwanese: I am thin, I am thin)”: Drink 500cc of water half an hour before breakfast, 300cc between breakfast and lunch, 500cc half an hour before lunch, 300c between lunch and dinner, 500cc half an hour before dinner; Both men and women drink 2100cc of water every day.

Xiao Dunren said that it is best to drink water at a room temperature of about 20 degrees Celsius, because the average body temperature of a person is about 37 degrees, and the body needs to consume calories to adjust the lower water temperature. Drinking 1cc can consume about 17 calories.

5. Love soup

Would you rather drink a bowl of hot soup than eat side dishes and meat?
In fact, soup will not be thinner. Taiwan’s soup is usually made from large animal bones, and it is almost red meat such as ribs soup and beef soup. It is not only high in calories, high in sodium, but also animal fat. Excessive intake can also lead to cardiovascular disease.

For example, Liu Yili, a nutritionist at the Taiwan Adventist Hospital, gave a bowl of Yangchun noodles with minced pork and scallions. He only eats noodles and does not drink soup. The calories are about 210-250 calories. If you drink the soup, the calories will rise to 350-400 calories. The meal difference is more than 100 calories. If Yangchun noodles have fish plates and meat slices, the calories are bound to increase. Don’t underestimate this small bowl. It’s hard to eat like this for a long time.

If you really want to drink warm soup, you might as well cook your own vegetable soup, the calories are not so high.

6. I feel that eating small-sized food will not get fat

10 dumplings have lower calories than ribs bento?
To lose weight, you might choose dumplings.
In fact, these mixed foods such as dumplings, xiaolongbao, pot stickers, and siu mai do not have low calories. Don’t be fooled by their size.

Liu Yili pointed out that a dumpling with meat has 80-100 calories, one Xiaolongbao has 100 calories, two siu mai is about 100 calories, and one meat dumpling has 200-230 calories. “Eating 10 dumplings with a bowl of hot and sour soup for a meal will break the calories.” If the dumplings are filled with red meat, or the dumpling skin is processed into curry dumplings or kimchi dumplings, because more seasonings are added, The heat is higher, so you have to pay attention.

If you really want to eat, Liu Yili reminds you to reduce the frequency, or choose to eat seafood and vegetables.

7. Eat too fast + eat too late

According to research data from the Annual Meeting of the Obesity Research Society, the eating habits of overweight people rank first with “meals fast, less than 20 minutes”. Nearly 70% of people have this bad habit.

Liu Canhong, director of the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine at the Ministry of Health and Medicine of the Ministry of Health, said, “Eating should be one thing and focus on eating,” chewing slowly, with more than 20 bites per bite. Liu Yili also said that it takes at least 20 minutes for the brain to release the feeling of fullness. It takes more than half an hour to eat a meal. Otherwise, if the stomach is full and the brain is not full, it will eat more and it will affect digestion.

In addition, eating too late is also a serious bad habit. Liu Canhong pointed out that ghrelin has a strong effect at night, which makes people particularly want to eat high-oil and high-sugar foods; and the parasympathetic nerves are active at night, which stimulates gastrointestinal motility, digestion and absorption are fast, and low activity at night makes it easy Fat is stored in places such as the abdomen and liver, which are convenient for long-term storage and difficult to lose fat. The normal meal time should be between 17:00 and 19:30.

8. Only exercise, inactive

There must be people around you who eat a lot and exercise less but will not get fat. The key is that they engage in “Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis (NEAT)” frequently, which is to burn fat through daily chores, such as standing. , Climbing stairs, gardening, housework or watching TV, etc.

Xiao Dunren said that people with high NEAT are usually in a state of high activity, and people with low NEAT consume more calories every day. Although various studies have different opinions on how many calories will be consumed, what is certain is that NEAT will affect your weight.

Next time you talk on your cell phone, stand up and walk around; don’t complain that the parking lot is too far away, this is a good chance to lose weight.

9. Do a lot of aerobic exercise but ignore strength training

Sports sweat a lot, and there is always the illusion that fat is leaving fast. But only pay attention to aerobic exercises such as jogging and flywheel, and don’t care about anaerobic training, it is easy to gain weight and lose weight slowly.

“Long muscles” is important for maintaining weight. Anaerobic muscle training can increase muscle growth, and muscle burns 5 times more calories than fat, which can extend the time of burning fat. Because muscle mass decreases by 1% year by year after the age of 25, you should continue to do interval training such as 7-minute exercise (see “Kang Jian” No. 190) or sit-ups, push-ups, these simple anaerobic exercises to increase muscle and improve the body’s basic metabolism Rate and fat burning capacity of muscle cells. During exercise, aerobic exercise and muscle strength training work together to reduce fast and well.

10. Reduce tomorrow, always reward yourself with food

“I’m so tired today, it doesn’t matter if I eat a little more.”
“A friend appointment, I can’t help but eat!”
Stop using food as an emotional outlet or blame your friends for losing weight.

According to Gao Xinnong, a weight manager at the Ministry of Lishuanghe Hospital, you must not forget your original intention to lose weight. Besides, if you eat regularly for a long time, you suddenly “break the precepts” and eat too much, which will hurt your stomach.

If you really have a meal that cannot be pushed away, you may wish to eat some fruits at home, high-fiber biscuits to cushion your stomach, adopt the principle of dividing and picky eaters, and ride your YouBike or walk home after eating. Otherwise, if you always think “I will reduce it tomorrow,” it’s no wonder that weight loss is inefficient.

“Losing weight is like siege the city and grab the ground. Defending the city is the hardest thing.” Liu Canhong reminded him to make weight loss a life, develop good habits such as hyperactivity, eating slowly, regular meals, regular work and rest, drink plenty of water, seek support from others Weight measurement every week is the key to maintaining a healthy and slim body.

Editor’s note: The background of people, things, and things in the article may have been adjusted or changed. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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