10 habits that cause physical harm little by little

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Read to the end of this article to avoid physical harm. As we get older, we all develop different habits. He has some habits like smoking and eating junk food.

Which causes severe damage to our body. Some negative habits cause serious damage to the body, but unknowingly become part of our daily lives.

Here we will discuss the 10 most common negative habits. It is described in detail below.

1. Put the wallet in the back pocket

Almost every wallet user knows that the most convenient place to keep it is the back pocket of the pants. But while it is convenient to keep a wallet in the back pocket, it is not healthy.

Sitting for 15 minutes with a wallet in the back pocket of your pants can damage your spine. Sitting like this for a long time can disrupt the alignment of your spine.

In addition, the spinal cord of the spine can be damaged, including pain in the spine.

2. Lying in bed with no electronics device

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One study found that using an electronic device before going to sleep can seriously impair sleep and impair sleep quality. Another study found that approximately 90% of adults and 70% of children use a variety of electronic devices before going to bed.

Regular use of electronic devices before bedtime causes sleep loss, weight gain and fatigue during the day. As well as this as a result we cannot be productive, patience decreases and stress increases.

Isolating yourself from all types of electronic devices at least one hour before going to bed increases the quality of sleep and keeps you free from various physical complications.

3. Wash hands in hot water

Various studies have shown that hot and cold water are equally effective in destroying various germs and bacteria in our hands. Cold water is usually healthier for our hands than extra hot water.

Boiling hot water medical devices are more effective in disinfecting. On the other hand, boiling hot water can burn the hands instead of disinfecting them. So it is safer to disinfect your hands in cold water than to disinfect them in hot water to avoid physical harm.

4. Drink with plastic bottles

Drinking water in plastic bottles is safe and healthy. However, it is not safe and healthy in all environments. Exposure to high temperatures actually releases a type of chemical from a plastic bottle. As a result, drinking bottled water is very risky.

5. Fast food intake

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Multiple studies have shown that eating and chewing fast food can lead to many health problems. Eating fast food can make the skin thicker. Moreover, it increases the risk of heart disease and diabetes.

6. Brushing teeth after eating

Teeth should be brushed at least 30 minutes after eating. Because our teeth are protected by a substance called enamel.

But the acid made by different foods weakens the tooth by tearing the protective enamel of the tooth. As a result, if you brush your teeth after eating, there is a possibility of severe damage to the teeth.

7. Drinking extra juice

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Juice is a very tasty drink. Many of us drink extra juice because it is so delicious. Fruit juices usually contain vitamin C, vitamin B and antioxidants.

So even though drinking juice is considered a healthy habit, drinking extra juice can cause many problems.
If you become accustomed to drinking excessive amounts of juice, your gums may decay. As well as increasing the risk of developing diabetes and weight gain.

8. Eat more salt

The use of salt as needed increases the taste of our food. However, excess salt is very harmful to health.

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Eating too much salt can lead to high blood pressure, heart disease and stomach cancer. Moreover, high blood pressure can lead to arterial, heart and kidney attacks.

9. Excessive sleep

Moderate sleep restores and rejuvenates the body. But extra sleep creates many kinds of health risks. Studies have shown that regular extra sleep increases the risk of death.

It can also lead to depression, heart disease, weight gain, and brain damage.

10. Sit for a long time

We spend more time in the office or studying. This can lead to many physical problems.

The risk of death at an early age is created if you sit for a long time regularly. As well as weight gain, cardiovascular disease and diabetes can cause various physical disabilities.

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