10 health myths you hear every day

10 health myths you hear every day

There are many (ideas) related to health in our country which have no truth in their beliefs and have no basis in medical science. But these long-held beliefs are so strong that doctors are often unable to dispel patient confusion. This post is about some such issues.

Eating more sweets causes diabetes

The idea that eating too much sweets will lead to diabetes is present in almost all people. In fact, sweets are not responsible for diabetes. Eating sweets after diabetes increases blood sugar levels. But no matter how much sugar is eaten before diabetes, the amount of sugar will remain the same. If insulin is made and secreted properly in the pancreas or pancreas, there will be no harm in sweets. In fact, overweight, lack of physical activity, family history and many other factors are responsible for diabetes.

Honey in the mouth, nectar in the sentence

As soon as the baby is born or honey is put in the mouth, the baby is sweet-speaking. So the relatives put a few drops of honey in his mouth as soon as he was born. Some give water, even a can of milk. But medical science clearly states that from the time a baby is born until the age of six months, he does not need a drop of water except breast milk. There is no question of putting anything else in his mouth. Up to 6 months, any food starting from honey, water and canned milk is harmful for the baby’s body. In most cases, after giving these, the child suffers from abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhea etc.

The fetus does not grow by playing too much

This concept is widespread among older women. This idea is present in almost everyone in the village. Their argument is that if you play more during pregnancy, your stomach will be replaced by food. As a result, the fetus does not get the space it needs to grow. This is a very wrong idea. For the expectant mother, more food is needed for the baby to grow properly. If the mother plays less during pregnancy, the baby may weigh less.

Wounds do not dry the wound

It takes time to dry a wound if it is cut somewhere or if you eat sour food after surgery. Some people even think that playing soccer will heal wounds. Many educated people also have this idea. But pickled fruits like lemons, oranges, mangoes, plums, kamaranga etc. are a good source of vitamin C. This vitamin C helps the wound to dry faster by making collagen. Therefore, it is beneficial not to harm the sour food to dry the cuts.

Cream turns pale

Science is helpless to the powerful language of advertising. Creams that control or reduce melanin in the skin are amazing for women. Lately, cream has also come to lighten the complexion of men. No component of the cream can penetrate the keratin-containing squamous epithelium of the skin and they are not absorbed or absorbed by the skin. Instead, ensure the necessary nutrition of the skin through eating and drinking, it can be fresh and beautiful. However, the use of cream in winter is beneficial. At this time the use of cream can prevent the water or moisture from coming out of the skin.

Oily hair lengthens, keeps the head cool

In many ways, the oil keeps the head cool and makes the hair stiff, thick and long. Some people apply vitamins again. It also stops hair loss. It’s all wrong. The oil penetrates the thick skin of the head and the skull and does not get a chance to reach the brain, let alone cool. However, many oils contain menthol, which can create a cold feeling only on the scalp. Hair is part of the body, but it is lifeless. These are dead cells. There is no benefit in soaking them in vitamins all day long. There is no question of making it thick, long and hard. Rather, if the hair of the head is kept clean, the hair health will stay. This will reduce hair loss. However, the oil retains moisture in the hair and reduces the problem of hair breakage as it prevents tangles.

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You can stay disease free by drinking eight glasses of water a day

In 1945, The Food and Nutrition Board of the United States advised the people of the country to consume eight glasses of fluid daily. From there, this doctrine has become prevalent all over the world. There is no doubt that water is a very useful thing for us. However, tea, milk, fruits and even vegetables can meet the body’s water needs. If you are thirsty, you must drink water. But excess water can also be a danger. This can reduce the amount of sodium in the body and make you sick.

Eating vitamins will increase energy

Vitamins are an essential biochemical component of food, which is not made in the body and must be taken from food. In fact, the idea is not right. Vitamins do not produce any energy directly in the body. However, vitamins are involved in the metabolism of different types of food, such as sugars, carbs and fatty foods. As a result, if the body is deficient in any one vitamin, the activity of that particular ingredient is disrupted.

The fetus grows larger by taking vitamins

Many people think that if the mother takes vitamins during pregnancy, the fetus will grow bigger. It is more difficult for the mother during childbirth, there may be problems in childbirth, so they advise the mother not to take vitamins. It’s a misconception. Iron, folic acid, these play a special role in preventing some birth defects in the baby.

Anxiety makes the hair dry

Excessive stress and anxiety increase a person’s inner and outer age. However, there is no scientific evidence to support the notion that hair is due to aging. Rather, human hair is mature due to genetic reasons. So he thought and did not have anything to do with her hair health.

When a diabetic patient is told to take insulin, his eyes and face become dry. They feel safe to take oral tablets. The reason for this is not just the fear of taking injections. Many diabetics think that taking insulin is harmful. Insulin is the last treatment for diabetes. In fact, insulin is a safe drug for diabetics, even during pregnancy.

Good health is something we all deserve, but often times ignore. Our bodies are a gift, and should be taken care of. We believe that living a healthy life is one of the greatest gifts of all.

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