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One of the most common problems today. According to doctors, an adult should get at least eight hours of sleep a day to lead a healthy normal life. Because, during sleep, our body gets rid of all the physical and mental fatigue of the day, heals and regains its vitality.
Again, if you do not get enough sleep regularly, your mood will be irritable throughout the day, memory will be reduced, serious health risks will be created, age and skin will be affected, physical strength will be reduced and you will not want to lose weight easily. So there is no substitute for regular adequate sleep to stay healthy. Let’s see some of the reasons for not sleeping and its remedy.

Not mobile, tab or e-book

Dr Joseph Chandler, an associate professor in the Department of Psychology at Birmingham Southern College, said social media and emails cause a lot of stress, which can lead to sleep problems.

Before going to sleep, if we keep our eyes on mobile, tab or any other gadget, the light coming from it confuses our brain. The light coming from the screen of the device is mistaken for daylight. As a result, our body does not produce a chemical called melatonin. This melatonin brings sleep. Whenever the body does not produce enough melatonin, we have trouble sleeping. Insomnia is also the onset of insufficient melatonin production. So stop watching all kinds of digital devices like mobile, computer, television, e-book etc. at least one hour before going to sleep.

Aparajita Verma is a sleep neurologist at Houston Methodist Hospital in Texas. He advised not to keep mobile or any other gadget near the bed. Especially those who have the habit of checking the phone from time to time at night, the phone can not be kept at hand.

Today is ten, tomorrow is not twelve!

One day a week he went to bed at ten o’clock at night and another day at two o’clock at night. Thus, going to bed at the same time every day of the week disrupts our body clock or its own timeliness inside the body. As a result, sleep does not come easily. Aparajita Verma said that if she wakes up, she feels weak and even has trouble standing on her own two feet. But going to bed at the same time every day is almost impossible. However, make sure that the interval between going to bed every day is not more than 30 to 45 minutes. Even on the night before the weekly holiday, care must be taken not to deviate from this rule.

Caffeine can also be the enemy of sleep

Caffeine rejuvenates the body. This gives our brain a misconception about how long it has been awake. So sleep is late. Professor Chandler said that many people think that if they drink regular tea or coffee before going to sleep, it will slowly be absorbed by the body. So taking caffeine at night is not a problem in sleep. But those who drink tea or coffee before going to bed for a long time do not fall asleep easily.

Most caffeine stays in our body for at least seven hours. However, at least five hours before going to bed to drink the last cup of tea or coffee. If someone has too much sleep problems, the last cup of tea or coffee of the day should be taken immediately after lunch.

Caution in bed and pillows

If the bed is comfortable, that is, even if it is too hard or soft, sleep is a problem. If your partner moves while sleeping again, you will have trouble sleeping.

If you can’t sleep for bed problems, identify them and solve them. Replace mattress or foam if necessary. Not only the bed, but also the pillow is a problem for sleep. So change the pillow if you feel the need and put side pillows, cushions etc. Often sleep does not come because of pain in the waist or back. Then you will get comfort if you use foot pillow.

Also, use the bed only for sleeping. Don’t go to bed reading books, browsing the internet or watching movies. Go to bed at once before going to sleep.


When the bedroom is cold, the body temperature decreases and sleep comes. Again, if the bedroom is too hot, it increases people’s restlessness, so sleep does not come easily. The same thing applies with light. Even in the slightest light, our bodies produce small amounts of melatonin. As a result of sleeping, this signal is delayed in reaching the brain.

So cool the bedroom well before bedtime and make sure that light does not enter the bedroom from any direction. At the same time try to make the room as quiet as possible.

Take care of the mind

It is normal not to fall asleep when you go to bed with various thoughts. Set aside a time before you go to bed to evaluate the day’s work. Whether you are under stress or not, be sure to set aside some time for yourself before going to bed. You can do meditation or yoga at this time. Those who have trouble sleeping can get many benefits if they meditate regularly. Plus, you’ll be getting rid of clutter you don’t need. Research shows that those who are grateful have no complications with sleep.

Aparajita Verma said that taking a bath before going to bed, doing stretching exercises or reading a book (not an e-book) cools the brain. The result is easy sleep.

Just night to sleep

Sleep only at night, not at other times of the day. You need to sleep during the day but not in the afternoon. That should not be more than 20 minutes. If you feel tired in the afternoon, take a short walk or drink a glass of ice cold water or talk to a friend on the phone.

Keep the alarm clock away

When you go to sleep at night and look at the alarm clock again and again, you will remember the work of the next day again and again. So sleep is also a problem.

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Don’t forget the alarm clock while sleeping. Set the alarm time before bed and keep it away from under the bed, in the drawer of the table or away from the hand.

It is also important to eliminate physical discomfort

If you have trouble moving your shoulders after waking up or if you feel tired, that liability is more likely to be your pillow. Too much or too low pillow is a problem. Balancing the body’s natural curves from shoulder to waist with a pillow while sleeping. If someone has a habit of lying down, try to stay as straight as possible. Compression of the abdomen will increase the chances of shoulder pain. The habit of watching TV while sitting in bed should be eliminated. Shoulder problems can occur due to watching TV with the neck slightly raised in front of the rest of the shoulder.

Also in caution exercises

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We all know that if you exercise every day, you will sleep better. But if you exercise just before bedtime, the opposite is likely to happen. This is because just after the exercise, new energy is transmitted to the body which keeps it awake. So heal at least three to four hours before going to bed. If you have to exercise before going to sleep, do mind-body exercises like yoga or so on forever.

Food is also closely associated with sleep

Sleep has something to do with dinner. If you eat very heavy food at night, it stays in the digestive system, resulting in sleep problems. Finish dinner at least an hour before going to bed at night. Avoid foods that contain oil, spices, cheese or butter, even for breakfast. Many people have a habit of drinking alcohol at night. Alcohol is responsible for keeping you awake for a long time at night even if it makes you sleep for a while. It is better to drink light hot milk or chamomile tea at night. It will bring sleep.

Sleeping pills, be careful!

If you have trouble sleeping, many people start taking sleeping pills without consulting a doctor. However, taking sleeping pills continuously for a long time can lead to other physical problems. If you can’t sleep without sleeping pills for a long time, consult a doctor to make sure you fall asleep without medication. Make lifestyle changes if necessary.

If sleep does not come even after trying on your own, consult a doctor.

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