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We are facing new challenges at this time of coronavirus epidemic. There is a fear of being attacked by oneself and one’s loved ones, and economic problems have been added to that. In addition to the affected person, others are also affected by the problem like anxiety. This has shown the problem of insomnia.
At this time, people have started returning to work little by little. But the last few months have changed our sleep routine and our habit of staying at home. But in addition to wellness and normal living, sleep helps to increase our immunity. At the same time, proper sleep every day keeps our mental health good and also controls the emotional entity. At the same time it helps to reduce problems like stress, depression and anxiety.

Let’s not know the causes of insomnia in detail

Changes in daily life

Maintaining social distance, closing educational institutions, home quarantine, working-from-home, etc. have changed our daily routine. Getting out of the busy schedule every day makes it difficult to keep up with the daily work schedule. Moreover, being at home all day also limits our physical activities. Moreover, many people do not get enough sunlight in their homes, which can lead to various physical problems. Moreover, due to working at home, many people do not have fixed working hours as before. As a result, there are problems with waking up late and getting too much sleep. More than eight hours of sleep makes many people feel irritable, lazy and weak.

Obsess and anxiety

We are surrounded by various worries about Covid’s hyperbole. The main fear of most people is that they are not infected by the virus at all. At the same time, there is a fear of being attacked by the elderly and frail people of the family. Although several companies are working on the vaccine, we are still unsure when it will hit the market or how safe it is.
Added to that is economic anxiety. Many are losing their jobs, and other job and business opportunities are reduced. Almost everyone is thinking about when the world will be normal.

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If someone in the family or close person is infected with Kovid, it increases the level of anxiety. Adherence to proper rules of isolation and hygiene has put not only the patient but also his relatives in the spotlight. Especially when so many thousands of people are dying every day around the world, no one is relieved to see it. Many are suffering from depression in such a situation.

Work pressure

Coronavirus situation has increased the workload of many people by attending work from home or office. Adding work pressure with various worries is increasing the stress many times. At the same time, there is extra work pressure at home. Many people are also suffering from insomnia due to work stress.

Spend extra time on electrical appliances

The blue light of mobiles, computers, tabs, etc. is as harmful to the eyes as it is to sleep. The hormone melatonin signals our body to fall asleep. This blue light on the screen of the electrical device inhibits the production of melatonin which causes sleep problems.

Stress-related fatigue

Continuous stress brings exhaustion. And this extreme stress is creating various physical problems. Constant headaches, forgetfulness and digestive problems. And depression has created some more problems. One of the reasons is lack of energy, enthusiasm and focus. Suffering from depression, even after getting enough sleep at night, it is seen that one cannot get up in the morning to work

Why it is important to sleep in extreme

Sleep is a physiological activity that is necessary but also somewhat complex. Sleep is essential to stay physically and mentally healthy in order to get through this terrible ordeal. Let’s not know why sleep is so important.

  1. Deep sleep at night strengthens the immune system. It speeds up and improves the activity of our brain. With proper sleep, the brain can function properly. It enables us to memorize quickly, to think complexly, and to make quick decisions.
  2. Sleep is good, mind is good. Lack of sleep can quickly cause a person to become bored, lose weight, and increase depression.
    What to do for a good night’s sleep

Above we have seen a brief discussion of the causes of insomnia and what can result from it. Now I do not see what to do to eliminate the problem of sleep at this time. But remember, you have to be patient to overcome the problem of sleep. You can’t give up a little.

Routine life

Make a list of what to do from morning to night. Adjust daily routine according to this list. In addition to going to bed and waking up, add daily activities like daily work, screen time, eating, bathing. Schedule time for exercise as well as eating at specific times each day. Adhering to that routine will make it easier to persuade the mind to sleep.

Not in bed except during bedtime

Don’t go to bed alone except for bedtime. This will create an idea of ​​the bed for sleeping in your mind. So those who are working at home should not forget to sit in bed for work. At the same time, do not roll your mobile or laptop in bed to watch movies or series. Even after all this, if you can’t sleep at night, get up in 20 minutes without lying down and do any other work in low light. Go to bed after listening to music or taking a light walk. Change the sheets of the house frequently, put the pillow in the sun and keep the house clean.

Controlled lighting

The role of light is important for the normal sleep process. Try to spend time in natural light at a certain time of the day. In this way our body will be able to differentiate between day and night and at night melatonin will be produced and sleep will come. If we spend all day in artificial light, then our body will not be able to understand the difference between day and night. Simultaneously control the amount of time spent in front of the screen. If you have trouble sleeping, give the electrician as little time as possible. Of course not before going to sleep.

Careful daytime sleep

Getting a little light sleep during the day is great for many, but staying at home does not mean sleeping all day. If you want a good deep sleep at night, you have to give up daytime sleep.

Physical exertion

Keep the body active during the day by doing housework, walking, exercise etc. so that you get tired at night and go to sleep. You can also do special yoga or pilates for sleep.

Increase communication, be kind

You may wonder what it has to do with sleep! But extending a helping hand to others and showing kindness helps reduce stress. No matter how much negative news you hear around you, try to think and promote kindness and love.

Find the right way to rest

We need to find unique ways to rest to overcome sleep problems. In addition to breathing exercises, stretching, yoga, meditation, etc., you can listen to soothing songs and read books. Practicing these in your daily life will keep your mind calm and help you sleep. And stay away from coronavirus and other negative thoughts as much as possible throughout the day.

Food and drink

Good sleep requires staying physically healthy. For that we need to eat nutritious food. Need to drink water regularly. Alcohol and caffeine in addition to sugary drinks can be cautious.

Lastly, if you can’t solve sleep problems on your own, seek medical attention.

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