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An adult needs to have less than 200 mg / dl of Serum Cholesterol (Total) but Cindy Goodwin has 212 mg / dl. This means that his blood cholesterol level is high. Cindy Goodwin’s entire health system has become abnormal. On the one hand, hemoglobin is low, she is suffering

Highly educated and successful businessman Cindy Goodwin is established in life. At present she is 66 years old. Has been suffering from high blood pressure for almost seven years. But for about six months, her blood pressure fluctuated between 100/60 mmHg and 110/69 mmHg. Sometimes when there is any mental stress again 135/95 mmHg is measured. And the pulse rate always fluctuates between 85 and 90 b / m. If you do a little work, get lost. Chest throbbing. Can’t stand for long. Often when sitting or getting up from bed, the head becomes dizzy and the eyes become dark. Has fallen a few times. Feels very tired. Sometimes there are severe headaches. Food is not digested properly. Stomach becomes heavier. Some days I don’t feel hungry all day. Sometimes there is no bowel movement for three or four days and sometimes there is diarrhea. Some days the fingers of the right hand are not able to grasp properly, it hurts. Especially in the morning it is very difficult to fist. Now you can’t do any kind of official work. Staying at home, can’t go anywhere. This is how Cindy Goodwin highlighted her problems.

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I observed Cindy Goodwin, her face was very pale. Although she is a fair-skinned person, his skin has turned pale yellow. The eyes are bloodless. Swollen under the eyes and swollen face. The skin is rough, rough. Slender man. I weighed 41 kg. He is underweight according to height 5 feet. She has seen doctors for physical ailments at various times. She also took medicine on the advice of an expert. I look at the lab reports from the last two years that have been with him. Blood pressure and Urine Culture are not normal in any report. Let him do some new lab tests.

Her hemoglobin is 9.4 g / dl in this year’s lab test report. Meanwhile Serum Cholesterol (Total) is 212 mg / dl. The ECG of the heart has returned to normal. I present the reports to her and explain to her where her problem is. An adult woman has a hemoglobin level of 12-13.5 g / dL. Her blood hemoglobin is lower than normal. An adult’s blood ESR should be between 0-20 mm. Meanwhile, his blood ESR is also higher. This means that there is an infection or inflammation in the body. An adult needs to have less than 200 mg / dl of Serum Cholesterol (Total) but Cindy Goodwin has 212 mg / dl. This means that his blood cholesterol level is high. Cindy Goodwin’s entire health system has become abnormal. On the one hand, hemoglobin is low, she is suffering from anemia. On the other hand, blood cholesterol is high. Blood pressure is fluctuating. Again the weight is less. There are also internal infections. Due to low hemoglobin, the pulse rate is high and the body has become pale. Chest throbbing, dizziness, falling. There is a deficiency of vitamin C. Pain in the joints of the hands due to metabolism problems.

When asked about Cindy Goodwin’s eating habits, she said that she eats twice a day. Once at 11 in the morning and again at 6 in the evening. She asked, why she has more cholesterol in the blood! I realized she was not very satisfied with the lab report. I have read a lot about naturopathy before coming to me. I have heard about it from some acquaintances. Cindy Goodwin seeks healing through naturopathy treatment. After talking to him for a long time about various issues, I mentally prepared him to participate in naturopathy treatment. This time I asked Cindy Goodwin to meet her for the next three days with a list of meals, bedtime, and day’s work.

Cindy Goodwin’s list of food shows that she almost never eats rice and bread, but eats far less than she needs. Eat soup every day with butter. Eat any menu made with chicken. Although she eats fish, she likes to eat the oily parts of big fish. Regularly likes to eat butter, cheese, various nuts. He cannot eat the food that is cooked regularly. She cooks and eats new items like himself every time. Drinking water is sometimes like quantity, but sometimes you eat less than you need. She has no vegetables or fruits on her diet. Potatoes are vegetables. Sleep at one or two at night, sometimes at three. She got up at eight in the morning. Spend very restless time at home. Talking to Cindy Goodwin, I realized that her eating habits as well as personal life and family life are very unstable and not conducive to well-being. She kept telling me, ‘I want to live as long as I can. When she dies, she dies suddenly. I don’t want to live in bed with a burden on someone who is sick. Do something in naturopathy so that we can live healthy as long as we live. ‘ This longing for well-being is not only Cindy Goodwin’s but also my own. Under a two-month naturopathy treatment plan, Cindy Goodwin’s cholesterol drops to normal levels and her blood hemoglobin rises more than before, following a diet based on nutrition and practicing some simple therapies.

Food therapy

In the light of Cindy Goodwin’s health problems, I discuss food and nutrition with her and explain that she will not get well unless there is a radical change in her eating habits. She agreed to change and began naturopathic treatment. I make Cindy Goodwin a daily routine for a month. In that routine, we write down the menu and time of the four-course meal along with the daily eating habits. I clearly write down what to eat, when and how much to eat. And in the diary, I ask you to write down what you are eating, when you sleep, when you wake up. Write down how many glasses of liquid food you will drink with water.

  • Follow up at the end of the one month course and make another new menu in the second month. We make some changes there and fix the meal time and food menu.


Meditation every morning and evening for two months.


Thirty minutes in the afternoon is spent doing acupressure at points that increase digestion, relieve bowel problems, help increase hemoglobin in the blood, and relieve joint pain.


Since Cindy Goodwin is suffering from anemia, Vigoras Yoga Exercise will be a loss for her. So I teach him some yoga exercises that are tolerable and beneficial for him, which she will do for thirty minutes in bed.


We make an herbal oil for massaging the joint of the finger of the right hand. And I pack a ginger that you can put on for ten minutes after the massage. Apply these two herbs until the pain subsides.

At the end of two months, I will test her Blood Lipid Profile and CBC. Serum Cholesterol (Toatl) has come down to 180 mg / dl and hemoglobin has increased to 10.8 g / dl. Weight gain is two kg. You can eat four times a day. Increased digestive energy. Did not have diarrhea once in two months. Being in the closet almost every day. Being able to work a few hours every day. And there is no pain in the joints of the fingers. Now you can comfortably grasp the fingers of your right hand. We thank Cindy Goodwin for her patience and perseverance in showing the changes in the report. She hugged me with a smile in front of his family members and said, “Andrila, it is through your efforts and hard work that we have come to understand normal life today.” We give Cindy Goodwin a diet and therapy routine for the next month and explain to her care taker when to eat and when to do any therapy. We set a date for follow-up once a month. Cindy Goodwin now told everyone the importance of proper food.

The great blessing of the Creator is wellness. Staying healthy is an art, it has to be practiced. Nature’s food supply is the source of well-being. Let’s know the source of wellness, stay healthy.

Dr. Indrila, Naturopathy and yoga physician

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