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Collagen helps the bone to hold on to the joint. Blood sugar builds up in the collagen, making the collagen sticky, which interferes with the normal movement of the joint. And the shoulder becomes stiff. Collagen is a type of protein. Frozen shoulder occurs when excess blood sugar attaches to the shoulder protein structure collagen. This process is called glycosylation in the language of medical science.

Jessica is sitting in a difficult posture with a tired and pale face. Breathing is fluctuating rapidly. She is suffering unbearably pain in his right shoulder and hand. She came to me to get rid of the pain. Jessica’s employee has to return home to take care of the family. Has been suffering from diabetes for the last five years. There is also high pressure. From two years ago there was often occasional pain in the right shoulder and hand joint. Painful tingling pain. The pain started in the shoulder joint and went down to the elbow, along with the little finger. There was no power to do the right hand then. Couldn’t sleep much time at night because of the pain. She could not lie down on his right side, the pain in his right shoulder and hand was unbearable. It was very difficult to work in the office, the quality of work has gone down. The doctor showed up and took the medicine. Even if the pain subsided a little, it would come back again.

That’s how it went. About three months later, she noticed that when he went to comb his hair with his hands up, when she put his hands up while wearing clothes, when she went to scratch his back, it was very difficult, there was pain in the joints, it was difficult to move his hands. In this case, if you give a hot toast, it would feel comfortable and the pain would be less. But would come back again. About a month later, one morning she woke up, picked up the mosquito net, and went to get out of bed. She saw that his right hand was no longer rising, half-stuck. And severe pain. The doctor showed up and took the medicine.

Besides, she has done physiotherapy for some time. This has reduced the temporary pain but has started again. Now the situation is, you can’t raise your hand anymore. Can’t spread on the side, can’t take on the back. Can’t wear clothes without the help of the girl. There is unbearable pain when moving. Office occasionally. Most of the time on vacation. You can’t cook and feed your family any food of your choice. Has become completely dependent on domestic workers. Jessica’s normal life has come to a standstill. This is how Jessica was talking about his troubles.

After hearing the details of the problem, I did a physical examination and made sure that Jessica was suffering from frozen shoulder. In simple language, it is called stiffening of the shoulder. Physical examinations of Active Range of Motion and Passive Range of Motion showed that she could not raise his right hand completely, could not straighten his side and could not move his hand from front to back and from back to front. Jessica is suffering from diabetes, as a result of which the pain in his frozen shoulder is getting worse and it is not healing easily. Frozen shoulder is also caused by other causes like stroke, accident but those with diabetes have a much higher risk of getting frozen shoulder. This is because the blood sugar level of a person with diabetes is higher than normal. And this sugar goes to the collagen of the shoulder joint and hardens the joint. Therefore, in order to improve the frozen shoulder of diabetics, it is important to treat the frozen shoulder as well as keep the blood sugar level at a normal level.

Collagen helps the bone to hold on to the joint. Blood sugar builds up in the collagen, making the collagen sticky, which interferes with the normal movement of the joint. And the shoulder becomes stiff. Collagen is a type of protein. Frozen shoulder occurs when excess blood sugar attaches to the shoulder protein structure collagen. This process is called glycosylation in the language of medical science.

It was necessary to reduce Jessica’s suffering immediately. So I gave him acupressure therapy and then hydrotherapy on his right shoulder. This reduced his pain by about fifty percent. She let out a big sigh and laughed and said to me, ‘What magic! If you can give so much comfort by touching and touching the water, then heal the pain completely, turn the hand as before. I will be grateful for the rest of my life. Maya is very fond of the man. I explain to him that if you just take medicine and take physiotherapy for a while, you will not get rid of this problem. The main condition to get rid of this is to keep the blood sugar level normal. That means following a healthy diet and lifestyle. As well as continuing the therapeutic course with patience for four months. And later to follow accordingly. He agreed to follow all the rules and also agreed to take a four-month therapy course. Just condition, get out of this difficult situation. The hand can move as before. Relying on God, I started his treatment.

Food therapy
First let’s make a food chart for thirty days. If you follow that, your blood sugar will be at normal level. Later I made a food chart in three more steps subject to change in his condition.

Let’s make two herbal products to eat that help control diabetes. And in the morning and evening we make two more herbs to put on the shoulder. She was getting relief in two weeks by applying these. The difficulty of sleeping at night was reduced. I was able to sleep better than before.

Cold hydrotherapy for seven days in a row. This is followed by seven days of hot and cold alternative hydrotherapy. At the end of fourteen days, do hydrotherapy once a week for three months regularly.

Deep massage
I do partial deep massage every day for the first two weeks. From then on, deep massage is done once a week till the second month. Massage once every fortnight from the third month.

In addition to hydrotherapy and massage, I do acupuncture at the points of acupuncture for two weeks. This reduces his pain by about sixty percent. And even if the hand movements are not normal, relief comes back.

After two weeks I do three sessions of acupuncture. After ten days of continuous acupuncture, I stopped for seven days. I do acupuncture for ten days in the second session and stop for seven days and do acupuncture for ten more days in the third session.

The pain gets better as the acupuncture session goes on. You can sleep at night. You can put your head down and put on your own clothes. Now going to the office regularly.

From the second month I started doing yoga along with the above therapy. I had to do yoga for three weeks from the start. From then on she started trying to do it on his own. I just gave instructions and helped sometimes. This is possible because now she can move his hand up and down a bit.

She has been able to cook since the third month. She fed me by cooking himself a few times. Going to the office regularly.

In the fourth month I always give him a way of life –

  • Always follow the food list;
  • Do yoga five days a week and later you can do it yourself. This is how we organize the yoga session. So that his hand movements remain normal as well as his diabetes is under control;
  • Massage and acupressure once a week. Next, once every fortnight, massage and acupressure should be taken from an expert;

During the course of the four-month course, Jessica’s right hand became active. She now combs his hair and wears clothes. She works in the office regularly and also cooks. You can turn your hand and scratch your back. Patience, perseverance and following a healthy lifestyle by following the rules also corrects the hard frozen shoulder that makes the shoulder stiff. If you take care of the body, the body will also take care of you. This is the law of nature. Jessica is fine. Her fasting diabetes is now between 6 and 8.1. Shoulder pain, hand pain is now a thing of the past. How much do you plan to promote and spread Naturopathy when you talk to me? Those who are suffering from frozen shoulder should not despair, return to planned life habits, enjoy good health.

Dr. Indrila, Naturopathy and yoga physician

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