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All work has some rules and regulations. If they are followed, there is very little chance of disaster. Accidents can happen again with a little irregularity. Regular exercise is a good habit to keep the body fit. Exercising also has some rules but many of us do not know them properly. Even if I know it again, I don’t accept it. But if you want to keep yourself healthy and normal, you have to know the rules of exercise well and try to follow them. Here are some tips to help you get started: Do not exercising at all on a full stomach. However, if you are very hungry, it will be difficult. So before the start you can eat something light like two toasts or an apple.

1. Do not exercise at all on a full stomach. However, if you are very hungry, it will be difficult. So before the start you can eat something light like two toasts or an apple.

2. It is not advisable to exercise after wearing too tight or tight clothing. Wearing tight clothing can interfere with your posture. As a result, you will not get the full benefits of exercising.

3. You must wear good training shoes before doing heavy walking, jogging or heavy exercise that will put pressure on your feet. If not, the joint of the foot or the pressure on the cells will hurt, as well as the back may hurt.

4. Try to breathe normally while exercising. Never breathe too hard. Exercise in such a way that you can breathe well. However, the style of breathing during asana or yoga is definitely different. In this case, you have to follow the rules of the seat completely.

5. Do not do too much heavy exercise for too long in the beginning. First, do light exercise for a short time. Increase it little by little every day.

6. Stop exercising as soon as you have physical pain while exercising. Consult an expert or instructor if necessary.

7. If you exercise for an hour, do light and slow rhythm exercises for the first four to five minutes. The last two or three minutes are the same.

8. No matter what exercise you do, do a little stretching and warm up at the beginning. Otherwise, there is a possibility of injury to muscles and ligaments.

Knowing these things, you must have understood how to do the right exercise. So don’t delay, start exercising from today to make yourself more attractive and eye-catching beauty.

When to exercise?

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 Exercising can be done after waking up in the morning. Exercise within the morning after an extended sleep can keep you relaxed throughout the day.

 In addition, the afternoon before the evening is additionally an honest time to exercise. Since the body sweats when you exercise, it is better to exercising in mild weather.

 Exercising within the afternoon or in weather can easily cause you to feel tired. So it’s better to not exercise at this point.

 Many cannot rise up all day for busyness, they exercise in the night dark. There is no problem.

 Those who occupy home all day, they will exercise at any time if they need.

 It is not okay to eat too much food during exercise. Eating light foods, such as a banana or biscuit, can help you exercise.

 Many people head home to exercise within the morning and return home after the exercise. There is no benefit to exercise.

 People who exercise regularly should keep an eye fixed on food once they spend longer leisurely or choose a walk. If you plan to stay for a long time while touring, you can do some exercises if you have the opportunity.

 It is not advisable to drink an excessive amount of water before or after exercising. You can take a touch rest after exercise then drink water.

 It is better to exclude sweets, soft drinks, fast food etc. from the food menu as much as possible. Because, eating these foods will make your exercise useless.

 There is no got to exercise if you’re sick. No exercising should be done without the advice of a doctor, especially during pregnancy.

 Talk to your doctor about any type of exercise or diet plan.

Stay fit easily by walking

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For a disease-free body and a vibrant mind, some kind of exercise is required. Regular walking and exercise keep the human body healthy and fresh. Exercise and well-planned diet are the key to longevity and keeping the body and mind fresh. It is also important to maintain the ideal weight. In addition, there is no pair of exercises to cut laziness. Therefore, the easiest and safest exercise is walking. This is an exercise that is suitable for less work, which applies to people of all ages.

According to researchers, regular walking keeps the body healthy and prolongs life. If you want to live a long day, walk at least two and a half hours a week. You will see that your life expectancy can be increased by seven years. Moreover, walking, jogging and running bring equal benefits for the health of the heart and blood vessels. Walking for two and a half hours in seven days increases life expectancy by seven years. Walking also has a positive effect on obese people.

Exercise and walking should never be underestimated. Even a small amount of walking has a positive effect. In fact, for some, walking is a much better exercise. Because walking does not put pressure on the body. Many times when running, there is pain in the joints of the bones, the muscles are injured. It is quite risky for older people.

Walking is the name of simple and effective exercise

Walking is an easy exercise. There is no need to wear special clothes. Physical exercise trainer Andrew said, ‘30 minutes of brisk walking six days a week is enough. Strict exercising like jogging forces the heart to pump blood harder. And it is beneficial.

However, since muscles work so hard, they need a lot of oxygen. Lactic acid is made in exercise. Lactic acid accumulates in the body and the muscles become stiff and sore. But walking is not so. When walking, the heart pumps loudly, increasing blood flow. However, it does not have such a severe effect on the muscles. Lactic acid is not made in the body. So it helps in stimulating the circulatory system by applying less pressure on the body. Accumulated body fat is released.

However, in addition to walking exercises, stretching, abdominal exercises, etc. should be done. In that case it is better to warm up first. Then do the stretching. Do abdominal exercises at the end of it all. Because walking is just cardio exercise. Stretching, abdominal exercises etc. should be done to get the benefits of walking. Then your body will be slim and beautiful. At the same time good health will be maintained. In that case, make a routine in advance of what kind of exercising you will do with walking one day. ‘

The benefits of walking:

#Helps to increase blood circulation in the body, it reduces the risk of brain and heart attack.

#80% of high blood pressure patients lose weight through walking and exercise to control their blood pressure without medication.

#Heart stays good and heart cannot be blocked.

#Walking for 1 hour every day helps in dissolving excess body fat, thus reducing the risk of heart disease and preventing obesity in the body.

#84% of people who walk regularly do not have a risk of stroke.

#All types of chest pain and palpitations are good and the heart stops beating 20,000-30,000 times a day. As a result, the extra workload on the heart is reduced.

#Studies have shown that people who walk regularly every day have a longer life expectancy.

#Diabetes cannot be a disease and if it is a disease it is under control.

#Increases digestive energy and increases appetite.

#Very good sleep.

Follow the steps below to get fit in four weeks:

The first week
First warm-up with a simple 5 minute simple exercise. Keep walking slowly at first. Slowly increase the speed. Take a brisk walk for 1 minute. Walk slowly for the next 1 minute. Absolutely stop to reduce walking speed.

Second week
First warm up for 5 minutes. Start walking at a moderate pace. Walk at the same speed for 5 minutes. Slowly reduce the speed. Exercise cool down.

Third week
Warm up for 5 minutes at the beginning. Start walking at a moderate pace and gradually increase the speed. Walk at the same pace for 2-3 minutes. Keep walking slowly. Absolutely stop to slow down slowly.

Fourth week
Warm up for 5 minutes. Gradually increase the speed by walking slowly. Walk loudly for 5 minutes. Do cool down exercises after walking.

Free Hand Exercising – Some Important Tips Before Starting:

 Get a full body medical check-up before you start exercising. This is a must have, for any Affiliate, promoting any program.

 Make changes in diet. Eat less fatty foods. Stay away from soft drinks or synthetic juices. If you have a habit of drinking regularly, quit if you can, at least reduce it.

 Start exercising with a measure of how much weight and inches you will lose. Check every 15 days how much has been reduced.

 Rest as much as you can. Don’t worry unnecessarily and look for the right sleep at night.

 Exercising only the abdomen and waist, but not. Want full body exercise. Certain exercises will make your abdominal and waist muscles strong, flexible and beautiful; Will help to stay disease free.

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